Transfering a Pie Crust to Pie Plate

I made the flakiest pie crust ever which was super easy especially in comparison to actually trying to get the pie crust into the pie plate. See I froze my pie crust like I was suppose too, I took it out and let it defrost for 15-20 minutes, I rolled it out and all that jazz and then I tried to pick it up and put it in the pie plate.

Complete and total failure. It fell apart immediately, so I had to start all over again, it got to point where I finally had to throw the pie dough out because I just knew that I had kneaded it to death and that it was going to be to tough!

Then I got the genius idea to google suggestions, I came across what I like to call the “Folding Method” and it immediately worked for me, I was so relived!

First you take your pie crust out of the freezer and let defrost for about 20 minutes, once it has defrosted flour your surface and begin to roll out the dough:

Roll it out so that you have enough to cover your pie plate (think about how deep the dish is when you do this!). I was doing this quickly and wasn’t really all concerned with everything being perfect so it’s not as circular as it “should be” but that easily fixed by using your palms to round everything out and then re-rolling those areas!


Once it’s as round as you’d like GENTLY fold the pie crust in half

Then fold in half again GENTLY, the key to everything here is GENTLY, take your time!

Then you GENTLY (see the emphasis on gently again?!) pick it up and place it in your pie plate with the corner in the center:

Then GENTLY unfold it

Then GENTLY unfold again:

As you can see it’s still not *perfect* I don’t think it will be for you either, especially if it’s only the third time you’ve made pie like me! Part of the reason I love posting recipes here and showing how I did it is to show that no one is perfect and that we all have a learning period! This for many things is mine!

Cut off the access pieces of pie and use the extra pieces to help finish off the pieces that may not completely cover the rim or any tears in the center or side! When you’re done fixing it up use the prongs of a fork to press down around the pie to create an easy foul proof embellishment!

And that’s it! Not perfect but it bakes up nice, you’ll see that in the pumpkin pie post I do soon!

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  1. Tamara says

    I’ve never tried transferring my crust this way but it looks like a good idea! I always just gently roll mine around my rolling pin and then unroll it over then pan and it works well for me.

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