The More the Messier

Mason is going to be two in January, I can’t believe how the time has flown by, I seriously feel like we were just celebrating his 1st Birthday. For many people this is the time that they’re expecting us to start trying for number 2. B and I however are not quite there yet. And spending time with my family in NY has further cemented that. You see my two youngest siblings are young, they’re only 5 and 3. My 5 year old brother Luke is essentially over the whole destruction age and we THOUGHT that Ava was over it too, until Mason and I came to visit.

Mason isn’t over the destructive/messy stage AT ALL. If it can be destroyed Mason will destroy it.  If it’s clean, he’ll make it messy. I don’t know if it’s just his personality, the age or the fact that he’s a boy. Put Mason and Ava together and I don’t think you’ve ever seen such a mess! First off all between Mason and Ava they colored on EVERY single wall in the house, apparently my parent’s house has a never ending supply of pencils thanks to the 5 kids that are school aged!

Mason and Ava also liked to pour themselves bowls of cereal which always ended up like this:

But that wasn’t the worst of it, cereal is easy enough to clean up, the worst of it was when I walked into the kitchen expecting to food on the floor and instead found this:

Check out our handy work 🙂 Notice how Mason even has it in his mouth!

Blaming Each other!

Ava saying it wasn’t me and Mason saying the same, even though the proof is in their hands LOL

At first I almost, freaked out but I quickly realized it was washable paint and instead I just giggled and grabbed my camera. They’re kids, things like this are going to happen. Mason doesn’t have any siblings yet (and only one cousin who doesn’t live near us), and I want him to look back on pictures like this and remember how much fun he got into with his Aunt.

My first sibling wasn’t born until I was six and for the first couple of years I thought of him as a yucky boy. Luckily for me I had lots of cousins and I will never forget the things we got into. Like the time we made homemade caramel sauce and I as I was trying to pour it into a different container it melted through the cup and onto my pour cousin Danni’s hand. Or the time we tried to make Eggplant that had previously been frozen and almost lit the house on fire.

I hope Mason, my siblings and Mason’s future siblings are a lot smarter about the messes they make (hopefully it doesn’t involve fire and the stove) but I hope they make messes, I hope they make memories that will last a life time and I hope that they let their kids make messes one day too.  One thing’s for certain if you think it’s messy now, add one more to the bunch, the mess will triple.

But at the end of the day, life is messy and I for one tend to think it’s better that way.

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