I feel like I’ve been talking about weaning Mason for months, seriously MONTHS because I have and because it’s taken months with no serious progress. Well sometimes there is progress and then it gets tossed aside because of something or another.

We’ve had an entire month of delay thanks to my visit to NY. Mason was still crying about missing his 1-2am feeding but I couldn’t let him cry through it, I had to let him nurse. Why? Because I was staying in my sisters room where letting him cry for an hour when the girls had school in the morning just wasn’t okay. So he nursed.

When I got back to VA I immediately started the process all over again. Getting him down between 8-9 with a small nursing session (less than 10 minutes) and then letting him fall alseep on his own without nursing to sleep. That has been going really well, most night bed time takes less than 20 minutes which is amazing considering that it used to take an hour to an hour an a half.

One of the first nights I was putting him to sleep he nursed longer than 10 minutes and I was trying to tell him “all done” and he cried about it and then he looked at me and said “Please?” it was clear as a day and the first time he had ever said please. It was pretty much the cutest thing ever. And of course I couldn’t deny him, so I let him nurse for a little bit longer and then he stopped himself, got up and pointed to his crib. He was ready to go to sleep.

It made me realize how quickly he is growing up but how he’s still just a baby.

I’m working on weaning him still because it’s what I want but I sure am going to miss the cuddle time it gives.

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    So sweet. Gosh my son makes me proud a lot, but I think mostly when he uses manner words on his own. Please, thank you, sorry, excuse me. I will tell you though – I love you mama made my heart leap and still does.

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