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I take my pictures with either my cell phone or with my point and shoot, pretty soon I’ll also be taking pictures with my dSLR and up until fairly recently I kept them all digitally mainly on my computer and on my external hard drive but lately thanks to a discussion with a good friend I’ve realized that I need to start printing my pictures too!

I still love going through pictures of me, my siblings and my cousins when I was younger and I want my kids to be able to do that too and I can’t wait for my future great-great-great grand kids to look at pictures of me and my kids and be like  ZOMG what ARE they wearing!?

I digress.

I had never heard of Nero Kwik Media before but I anxiously downloaded the software, I’ve been dying for the perfect solution to organizing my photos and being able to create photo gifts like calenders and photo books all in one program was a major plus for me, especially with the holidays coming up!

It took about 20 minutes for the software to download and once it did I was able to get my first glimpse of the software.

As you can see you can create photos products and burn and copy discs using the program. But your first step is to add your pictures to the program! I was surprised at how quickly all my pictures were uploaded! When you connect your camera to your computer you have the option of uploading them directly to Nero Kwik Media which I think it a nice touch. It also becomes the program that opens up all your pictures which is nice because then you can edit the pictures and print them all in the same spot making it super easy to stay on top of printing your photos.

One of the first things I wanted to do after downloading the software and uploading my pictures was to make a photobook for Mason.  I LOVE that one of the options is a leather bound cover, SO nice!

There are so many different gifts you can make using the program. They make perfect gifts for your parents and grandparents and Aunts and Uncles! The layouts can be scrap book style

or you can you do it with plain lay outs! That’s actually exactly what I’m going to do for my book!

I actually can’t wait to share my book with you! I plan on taking pictures of my ENTIRE family and making a book to give to Mason for Christmas with all their faces and names in it so that he can easily learn who’s who, I think it’s great especially since we live 6 hours away from a majority of our family!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Nero Kwik Media. All opinions are 100% my own and weren’t influenced in any way!
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