My Little Dragon

Whew, winter sure came early this year and it absolutely put a damper on our Halloween events, two of the events we planned on going to where canceled on account to impending weather/snow. So “all” we got to do this year was go Trick or Treating. Mason absolutely loved Trick or Treating, he’s getting so big it’s absolutely insane. He was walking up to houses all by himself, picking out candy signing Thank You and attempting to say Trick or Treat. Here are some of my favorite pictures of the night!

The next day I took some super cute pictures with some of his loot!

He was so cute during our little photo shoot, he literally tore that box of nerds open. Some would fall out of it but he couldn’t figure out how they fell out so instead he would try and make it happen again, at one point he was eating the nerds off of his costume! So cute!

Pumpkin Cheesecake Muffins
Mason Monday


    • Christa says

      No I got it from this AMAZING Etsy shop! Pink Seven Designs! I took pictures of him with it last year too, I plan on doing it until he’s 18…we’ll see!

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