Mason Monday

Mondays are officially Mason Monday, I’m going to be using Mondays to post about Mason and all the cute things he has been doing that week. He has been ridiculously cute lately, this age is awesome and I love seeing his little personality come out! So without further ado, here’s some of the super cute things Mason did this week!

  • On Saturday he just didn’t want to go to sleep and got up multiple times, one of the times I got up and started walking up the stairs, he must have heard me because he stopped trying to open the door and I heard him scamper back towards his crib, the kid is smart, he knew he wouldn’t make it back into the crib by the time I got into the room so instead he laid down on the pillow that was on the floor and when I opened the door he started fake snoring. Too cute.
  • Also on Saturday he used my pampered chef measuring cup that looks like this:  and was walking around with it on his foot like he had a peg leg. Why? Who knows but he was getting some pretty good enjoyment out of it! He wasn’t very good at doing it: which resulted in this, right has I was trying to wrestle his peg leg away from him note the bruise on his right cheek and the cut near his left eye. My poor baby, after a minute he was over it and back to smiling.
  • Mason has been doing really well with the whole sleeping thing (well except for Saturday). I nurse him for less than 10 minutes and then put him in his crib and say good night. I think it’s because he finally likes his Cloud B. Turtle. At night he hugs it close to him like it’s a Teddy Bear!
  • Also? He peed in the potty a couple of times! I was so proud of him, I sent the picture to my parents who had the pleasure of seeing Mason’s first peepee in the toilet but I’ll spare you guys! I plan on continuing to  “potty train” him. And by this I mean I’m going put him on his Boon Potty Bench whenever we do a diaper change to get him used to it but I don’t expect him to wear undies or anything like that, I don’t think he’s quite there yet, not like Katie’s Austin is 🙂
I decided I was going to do this semi late in the week so that’s all I have for this week, I hope it satisfies the family 😉
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