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My Mom and my Dad are the type of people who never stop moving, they’re ALWAYS doing something normally it has to do with one of their seven children. See my parents are actively involved in the sports and activities that my siblings participate in. Right now they are both on the board for Pop Warner, my Mom on the Cheerleading side and my Dad on the Football side.

They are constantly running around, on the phone with people, texting and emailing because of their positions with Pop Warner. One of the main issues they were having this year that I noticed while I was visiting was getting parents to actually DO the snack stand, there was always some sort of excuse, some good, some not so good ;)! After hearing about I knew it was something that would make my parents life SO much easier this season and next!

What’s Sign Up Genius?

Sign Up Genius is an online tool that is completely free and helps to create and manage group sign up lists.

There are so many different options, I know that for my parents they could really use the Sports Team Snack List, they can use it to have people sign up to work the snack stand and there is also a swapping ability so that if something comes up they can arrange for schedule changes. What’s great about that is it saves my parents time. People would no longer have to go through my Mom or Dad, instead they just do it online and my Mom can easily check the list no matter where she is to see whos turn it is!

It’s not just great for what my parents do though, it’s also great for teachers, imagine how much easier it will be to arrange class parties and to get the proper supplies! It’s also great for Churches and the various activities that they do on a weekly basis, churches always need volunteers and having an easy way to organize it like Sign Up Genius would make things so much easier for them and because it’s free it means its in the budget, I don’t know about your church but mine is always on a tight budget 😉

Something I’ll be using it for in the near future is using it for Meal Sign Ups for New Moms, I have quite a few friends who are expecting and it would be so great if a group of us got together and used Sign Up Genius to arrange when we bring the new family a meal to make things easier for them! B’s Mom did it for us when I had Mason and it was a life saver!

Disclosure: I received a gift card as a thank you for my review of   The gift card was not dependent on a positive or negative review of the site. All opinions are 100% my own.

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  1. says

    This is AWESOME!!! Thanks so much for sharing!!! I could totally use this for the Brownie Troop I run, and it would also be SO helpful for the New Neighbors group I’m in! We could organize our playgroup and and books club. I LOVE IT!!!! So glad I saw this post!!! Really want to check it out NOW!

  2. Nicole @ Some Call It Natural says

    I have actually used sign up genius for a party that I had for a volleyball team I coach. I had the kids sign up for what they would bring to the party. It worked great!

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