Have a Princess at Home?

I don’t have a BG yet but when I do I can assure you she’ll be a little princess a Disney Princess to be exact. When I was younger I had two things I loved to do, play with dolls and be the best Mom EVER or I would prance around the house and pretend to be a princess! I played with dolls until I was much to old and I really hope that future BG does the same thing, the longer little girls play with dolls the better 😉

If you’re little girl loves dolls you’re going to love these Disney Princess Doll Accessories and the price that goes with them:

Real Wood Disney Princess Doll Cradle

Was: $69.99

Now: 19.99

Real Wood Disney Princess Pram

Was $89.99

Now: $19.99

They have more to chose from to chose from including a different type of stroller, a high chair and a swing, so be sure to check it out! I wish I had a BG now that I could buy these for, in the mean time I guess my little sister will have to do 😉 These are going to make some little girls VERY happy this holiday season!

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