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For the most part, I’m a SAHM which would make one wonder why we would need to have quick dinners but when you have a toddler, a million errands to run and essentially one car you can get busy pretty quickly and before you know it it’s three hours away from the Toddler’s bedtime, it’s getting dark and you haven’t even thought about dinner.

Enter the need for a quick meal 😉

Just last night B and I were having one of those days so we knew exactly what we needed to do and we pulled out our Tyson Mini Chicken Sandwiches (with cheddar cheese).

I wanted to see how quickly I could get dinner made so without pulling *anything* out or reading any directions first I started a timer and began cooking dinner!  I knew what we were having Mini Chicken Sandwiches with Cheddar Cheese, frozen green beans and broccoli and instant mashed potatoes! Now normally I like to keep everything as fresh as possible and will often make my own mashed potatoes but sometimes instant is needed and with a little doctoring can taste just as good!

The thing that took the longest to make were the veggies! The mashed potatoes were done in about 7 minutes and the Mini Chicken Sandwiches? Even less than that! They came two in a plastic package.

Writing side down (like it is in the picture) you pop it in the microwave for 45-55 second on high. When it’s down carefully flip it over and microwave on high for 45-55 seconds. That’s it TWO minutes in the microwave and it’s done!

Before I knew it dinner was ready

and guess how long it took…..

Less than 17 minutes!!!

So how did it taste?!?

I thought the Mini Chicken Sandwiches were pretty good, especially considering the fact that they’re microwaved, normally I’m not huge on anything being microwaved. B and M also enjoyed them!

You can make this quick meal too AND get a $5 gift card to Walmart while supplies last! Check out the Tyson Goodness Website to learn more! To check out where you can find them at Walmart and some other Tyson product go to my Google+ Story!

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    YUM, the mail man must’ve lost my invite to dinner because ummm it never came. And Hello, chicken sammies and mashed potatoes?! Yes please! Looks delish, I am def going to have to try these sandwiches. Are the 2 in a pack filling?

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    Yum yum! This looks so good! Especially those instant potatoes. You made me hungry! It seems like a really fast and easy meal. I can’t wait to try the Tyson Mini Sandwiches!


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