I have this board on Pinterest. I keep it simple with the name and it’s just words. But I think it’s my favorite board that I have, I’ve always been a “quotes” girl. When I was younger I used to browse the internet and write down every single quote that I found until I had entire notebooks filled with them. Pinterest has been great for my quotes collections, and the ones I’ve found there are generally prettier than the ones I’ve found elsewhere, here are just a few of my favs:




and this one is less about  going to California and more about going where ever your dreams want you to go:

True Story.

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I Know, I know...
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  1. I love things like this… and I am trying SO HARD to stay away from Pinterest but it’s so hard with things like this above, haha.

  2. My favorite is the Woody Allen quote. :)

  3. I’m the same, I always love reading quotes, especially inspirational ones!

  4. Cali huh ;) you should know that one caught my eye! SIL just text me today begging us to come back.

  5. Love these pins!!!!!! Quotes are always so inspirational. :)

  6. I’ve always been a ‘quotes’ girl too–love this.

  7. I like them.. too girly xD Im kidding… :)

  8. Love these. I’ve always been big on inspirational quotes and sayings too and Pinterest is great for that!
    Girlfriends Are Like Shoes

  9. If you are willing to look stupid nothiing good is ever going to happen to you? isnt it the opposite?

  10. Thank you so much for sharing this board! My husband is a substance abuse therapist (sadly, there’s no shortage of clients for him in our area) and he has started a collection of motivational quotes on his office wall. I think I linked about 3/4 of your pins to him… LOL.

  11. Richelle says:

    I really enjoyed these, thanks for putting them together ! ^_^
    Especially the very last one.

  12. <3 love inspirational quotes!


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