Apple Picking

Living in VA for the last couple of years has me thinking that my hometown has no such things as farms and places to pick apples within 10 minutes, but apparently I’ve been living under a rock for the entire time I’ve lived here because that isn’t entirely the case. Just a couple miles up 9W and you get to Dr. Davie’s Farm. They have over 400 trees on 35 acres. Which absolutely blows my mind considering where I live. I didn’t realize there was so much farm land in one area! Now go an hour or two upstate and that’s completely understandable but its so residential here I just didn’t even realize.

Regardless my Aunt has been going there for years so she offered to take Me, Mason, Luke, Ava and Jake to go apple picking so of course we went! Believe it or not I have never been, or at least I don’t remember ever going before! The weather was absolutely perfect and the kids adored it!

The kids loved it and I got a fantastic workout trying to get the apples off the tree!

Mason kept kissing the pumpkins, I asked him to do it again and he did this:

Little BGCG Media Kit
What's That Mean?

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