Little Love Thoughts

There’s something about Sundays that makes me dreamy, not sure what it is. Maybe because it’s the last day of the weekend before the week starts but either way dreaming of things to come is how you’ll find me on Sunday!

Park Playdate
Bumper Stroller


  1. Hamza says

    The best one is about a woman loving a bad man in order to be thankful for a good one.Others are also very good quotes

    • Katy Lynn says

      And that is why the truest love is so rare these days. The good men rarely find the good women and vice versa. These quotes are a nice thought, but love is dead.

      • ashutosh sharma says

        but i think, the moment you take some one as for grunted & 100% sure about him/her, is same moment that one left you behind as you were nothing for them !!

  2. Phil says

    Never marry a woman unless you would be proud to have a daughter exactly like her. Are you who the person you are looking for is looking for? Sometimes people demand a lot from others, without putting any demands on themselves.

  3. Devian says

    There’s a quote from my Marriage and the Family teacher:

    “Love is not that ooey-gooey feeling of falling into your lover’s arms. Love is not a feeling at all. Love is a choice. You decide to love your partner, even when you are ready to gauge their eyes out. You decide to love your partner, even when they do that stupid sexy dance and you just want a back rub. You decide to love your partner, even when they don’t clean out the sink after they brush their teeth. You decide to love your partner through the passionate, fast, gotta-have-it-now-need-to-get-it-just-one-more-time-let’sgolet’sgolet’sgo sex, through starting your family (children, animals, plants, whatever your “kids” are), through the good, the bad, and the ugly (and there WILL be ugly. Have you seen yourself in the morning?). That feeling is euphoria, and it goes away. If you can say, through clenched teeth, “Even though I F*CKING HATE YOU right now, I still love you, so I’ll lower my gun if you lower yours,” that’s real love.

  4. says

    All of these quotes are true for me and my favorite is the last. I think of my wife all the time and have done so since I met her some 30 years ago and I will continue to do so for as long as I live.


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