Random Sunday Thoughts

Jayme at the Tater Twins does this Random Tuesday Thoughts thing and I always mean to participate but I always forget and today I remembered but it’s not Tuesday so instead today you’ll get Random Sunday Thoughts. Because it’s my blog. 

  • It has been a super rough week. Things were crazy with Mason, the boy does not like to sleep AT ALL and wakes up every two hours. Yesterday I didn’t put him down until 9:30 (unlike the 8:00) we had been doing and he slept much longer than he has any other night. So. Key to the sleep thing seems to be he needs to be up for at least 12 hours. A nap may be included but try putting him to bed before the 12 hour mark and you’re asking for trouble. Let’s see if this works out tomorrow. 
  • I always let my emotions get the best of me and I always want to know WHY. And I can’t stop until I get the answer I want. I just won’t shut up. And more often then not the answer or lack thereof is NOT what I wanted in the first place. It’s annoying that I do that. I just can’t help it. It’s been known to ruin a thing or two, and bam. It’s done it again. 
  • Last night I made this breakfast casserole crock pot recipe and I was going to share it with everyone but I’m a little disappointed with how it came out. I want to tweak it and try it again before I post it. 
  • I’ve barely been reading ANY blogs lately so today and yesterday I decided that I was going to do some blog hopping. Visits some oldies and maybe find some new ones to read. So I decided to do a 7 degrees of blogging. I started at Top Baby Blogs and went to number five on the list because it’s my favorite number. But they didn’t have a blog roll, say what!?!? So instead I went to number four because it’s better to look up then down. But she didn’t have a blog roll either so then I went to number 6 because I like 6 better than 3. Not the blogs just the number ANYWAY she had a blogroll but the blog after her didn’t  so I GAVE UP. So much for 7 degrees of blogging. GRR. 
  • And that leads me to today’s task. I’m going to update *my* blog roll with all my favorite bloggers and I think I’m going to update my header too. I want to switch to a more fall theme with some oranges and reds in here but I need a good picture of Mason and his new haircut before I do that. So maybe that’s another task for the day…
  • Oh, also, it’s SO freaking cold here. I know it’s late September, I totally get it but come freakin on. I’m in VA! It’s suppose to be warmer.
  • I’m feeling super restless. I never like to be in one place for long and I’ve been here too long. I need to move OR SOMETHING. And as I write this my head keeps saying “I gotta get outta here” to the beat of this song: 
  • I told you I was feeling random today. 
The End. 

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