Pinteresting Wednesday: Craft Addition


YAY! There is a LINKY where I can share all my favorite Pins from the week. So. Beyond. Excited. So here are my favorites: Craft addition. I was going to do a Fall/Halloween but I figured I’ll save that for next week when they’ll be even more fun stuff! As always click the picture will bring you to Pinterest where you can find the original source, repin etc. 

DIY Laundry Rack, so cute! 

Frame with Scrapbook paper behind = pretty dry erase board! 
White Shaving Cream, Food Coloring=Bath Time Paint! 
Homemade Mod Podge

Table Slipcover 

I love this for Mason’s room it will be perfect to mark off every where we travel too, where family lives etc! 
It’s suppose to be for kids but I think I’m going to make one for myself! I’m forever bored. 

I’m going to do this for something in Mason’s room. Even I shouldn’t be able to mess this up!

So that’s all my favorite crafty stuff. There’s more crafts in the Fall/Halloween Post I’ll do next week, I <3 Pinterest. I have a few invites if anyone wants in!! 

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