Mason Gotta Brand New Do

About a month ago LOL. But better late then never right?

For the life of me I can’t find the pictures I take with lightbox on my HTC Thunderbolt so I have to upload them to my blog directly from my phone and then the pictures come out looking all crappy and it’s SO annoying and since I’ve been taking most of my pictures of Mason on my phone it kinda puts me in a bad spot blogging about Mason wise and for the people who come here to see Mason I’m sure it’s kind of a bummer. 

I don’t know why the quality is so bad. It doesn’t look like this on my phone, it looks really good! 

He was not a big fan of the buzzer but the lollipop we gave him helped! 

The good news is, his hair still curly!! He’s not going to lose them any time soon that’s for certain! And what’s even cuter is that it naturally does a mohawk type of thing…

I’m pretty sure he has better hair then me! 

Please excuse the ugly formatting of this post. I’m NOT liking my Blogger App AT ALL! Grrr. If anyone has any suggestions for a blogger app for Android or where I can find my pictures on my phone that would be fab (and NO they’re not in my “LightBox” folder}. 

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