I’m in a…

It’s that time again, a trip home is over due. Well not over due but my family needs me so I must go. I leave tomorrow today. It’s times like these that I wish I were only a couple of hours away and not 6. This coming from the girl who would love to move west or live in Italy. Will my split personalities ever merge? 

Probably Not. 

Speaking of split personalities. I think Mason has it too. Sometimes he’s the funniest happiest little kid ever and other times he makes me want to rip my hair out of my head. Let’s just say he knows what he wants and he ain’t happy until he gets it. But the other day was one of those days were he was in the funniest mood ever. He does this thing were he likes to hide under blankets. He does it all the time. And he never tried to play peek a boo or anything he just wanted to sit under there. B and I thought it was semi strange (although apparently B used to do this as a child as well) so we started saying “Where’s Mason?!” and then taking the covers off of him. Now he does it all on his own and he gets *so* excited about it!

His shirt says 09 on it. Yes I know Captain Obvious. But also year of conception, I don’t know why I randomly thought that, I just did. Anyway…

He got all tuckered out after this but was back at it shortly after, I’ve found that the more active I keep him the less naughty he is. Let’s see if this holds up for the trip to NY. 

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