Can’t Be Comfortable

I was in the kitchen preparing for our trip to NY while Mason was in the living room getting his Dora on. So after a little bit of quietness from him (which is never a good sign) I decided to pop in and see what he was up too and there he was ya know just chillin in the most comfortable seat ever. Not. 

 Just watching TV
 Then he’s all what Mom? This? It’s great. 

Here you want to sit? 

He is so stinkin cute. 

I’ve been in NY for three days now and I’ve already stopped my workout routine. I was doing SO well. But apparently my parents don’t have a DVD player which really isn’t an excuse since we have like 7 computers in this house all with DVD players. So I figured I’d just fess up to that before someone pointed it out. So TOMORROW I’ll start because according to Pinterest, I should

Easier said then done true but I’ve been doing pretty well and I’ve been noticing some nice changes even though the scale is STUCK.

So what’s coming up this week? 

Tuesday I’m going to either post a Bacon-Swiss Casserole recipe or a Cinnamon Swirl bread recipe. Most likely it’ll be the Bacon-Swiss Casserole because the first time I made the bread it didn’t look so hot. It tasted good and the house smelled delicious but it didn’t look perfect like the Pioneer Woman’s version. Shocker. I just went back and read some more and I think I didn’t let the bread rise enough the second time. She said something like it would be dense if you didn’t and that’s a good description for what my bread was.  Wednesday I’m going to share all the super fun Pinterest finds for Fall and Halloween. I’ve found so many great things I’m going to do with Mason, Luke and Ava. Thursday i’m jumping on the bandwagon and doing this meme that I’ve been seeing everywhere that seems kind of fun. Friday I may do a Flab to Fab and who knows what the weekend will bring. 

Also I’m random. 


How Pinteresting Wednesday: Fall/Halloween Edition
Fried Oreos


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