Camping, A Missed Earthquake and Jacob Bromwell

A while back B and I went to a garage sale and got a TON of goodies, one of the things I got what a Bromwell Flour Sifter. I had never heard of Bromwell before so I googled them to see if they were still in business and sure enough, they were. They now operate under the name Jacob Bromwell as homage to the founder, they’ve been making their quality products since 1819. It’s America’s OLDEST housewares company, how cool is that? I immediately contacted them because I wanted to try some more of their awesome products. Especially the Frontier Frying Pan! 

I tried it at home first and I loved it (it’s perfect for eggs) but I knew that I had to try it camping. So when B decided he wanted to go camping for a night I knew I had to go and bring my pan! We had SUCH a good trip. Mason LOVES the woods and he loves to shovel/dig etc so we gave him this cute little shovel and he loved it! 

Had to throw in a shot of his super cute natural hawk!! 

The boys got the fire started so we can cook dinner: 

For dinner we had grilled corn, a whole chicken, green beans and the boys had regular beans (yuck). Doesn’t this picture remind you of Thanksgiving for some reason? Like a turkey with a top hat and the corn is feathers? Just me? Probably. 

Mason relaxed in the camping chairs with his feet up while he waited for dinner to be ready! 

The next morning we got to use the pan for the eggs and it came out so well, everyone was super impressed and loved that it was hand crafted! 

The eggs cooked perfectly and it was one of the best breakfast sandwiches I’ve ever had!  But not only can this pan cook more than one egg but it can easily go from on top of the grill to the embers! 

Shortly after having breakfast we headed back home and as soon as we got into an area with service texts started pouring in asking me if I was okay. I was SUPER confused but as it turns out we missed one of the biggest things to happen to Virginians in a long time. An earthquake! I feel super cheated! I think being in the mountains may have saved us from feeling the quake. Whatever the reason I wish I would have felt it! I’ve never felt an earthquake before. When I was in San Diego I kept feeling the ground “shifting” but that hardly counts. And since this was a mash-up post I’ve got a mash up of questions 😉 

Disclosure: I was sent the Frontier Frying Pan by Jacob Bromwell. All opinions are 100% my own 

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