When Was The Last Time…

Going to BlogHer11 was so much fun and it was even more fun to see all the different outfits that people put together! SO CUTE! It made me realize that my wardrobe needs a serious update. Lately my wardrobe consists of running shorts (and I don’t even run) and t-shirts. Why? Because it makes it easier to run errands, wrangle a toddler and not worry about it getting stained. 

But oh if I could go on a shopping spree the things I would buy! I swear my future hubby is not going to be too excited about my expensive taste and shopping addiction that lately has been put on the back burner but the older Mason gets the more I realize I need to focus on ME again. Crazy thought right? 

If I could wear a dress every day I would which is probably why I’m loving these dresses right now: 

I found these all on www.kandco.com my favorite part about this site is that you can pay weekly for a lot of the items. Which makes getting more expensive items like this gorgeous stroller a little more manageable.

Gorgeous right? Apparently I need to be in the UK or find a store that does the weekly payments like K & Co. does. It’s a genius idea! 

And since I can’t resist window shopping for my little man too, I think he’d look pretty handsome standing next to his mommy wearing this: 

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