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Mama B, Baby Dickey and I are hosting a FABULOUS swag pick up in our hotel room and we would LOVE to see you there! Our sponsors include Joe and Shari Criso who will be providing Shari’s Simply Breastfeeding DVDs and her Briefcase and Breast pumps CDs, Simplisse who will be providing samples of some of their fabulous products, Clear Choice stands which provide stands for smartphones and tablets {Perfect for hands free viewing while pumping or breastfeeding!} , Bamboobies, who has the softest reusable breast pads and more sponsors to come. Awesome side note about the Clear Choice stands they’re made in the USA of non-toxic acrylic and are BPA free! Joe and Shari will also be running a fabulous iPad 2 giveaway and there will be more bigger fun prizes to be won for visiting our hotel room as well! To learn more about winning and iPad2 Sign up for and attend the My Baby Experts show THIS TUESDAY August 2nd. 
So make sure you sign up for a time to swing by and pick up some swag!

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