Office Space, or rather lack thereof

When I first started this blog I just thought of it as a baby blog, nothing more. I posted about Mason and my growing belly and then once I had him I blogged about how cute he was (and still do).  But now my blog is now more than just a baby blog, I still blog about Mason but I also blog about what I’m cooking, my favorite books, reality TV AND I work with brands. So it’s slowly become my job. A job that I LOVE! But sometimes work just doesn’t go the way I planned it too and I think it has a lot to do with the environment I’m working in. 
For example I’m currently sitting in my parents living room on the new built in that we have with the entire family running around and my back is aching because I’m leaning over. See: 

Some office huh? And at home it’s no better, it’s the end of the couch with my computer propped on the arm and The Fresh Beat Band or Dora the Explorer on in the background. A conducive work environment, I think not! 
What I really need is an office. Maybe with my next apartment I can have an office or a nice work space. I’m loving the Bush Furniture Collection for the office, especially the options for smaller spaces! They have so much to choose from for offices big AND small!

If I had a whole entire room dedicated to an office I would love one of these pieces

I’m huge on corner pieces, they really help make the most of your space! 
More than likely I’ll be sharing my office space with a guest bedroom so I would really need something smaller! These are my favorite Bush desk options for smaller spaces!  

I love the color of this one!

This one is perfect when you have VERY limited space but I really want something with drawers so that I can put my papers and smaller review product items!

This one is nice too, I like the black/wood combo!
Cymax is having a fantastic giveaway right now were if you write a product review of Bush Furniture items you can get entered to win $1,000 to spend on new furniture! Not too bad at all! If I won I think I would end up getting the grey desk or maybe the black/brown combo. Decisions, decisions! 

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