More Cousin Time!

I can’t believe I’m over a month late with this post! Well I actually I can, not only do I tend to be late but it’s been a crazy month and a half! So let’s play a little catch up. When LJ came to visit we got to spend a nice amount of time with her which was perfect for her and Mason. This is the first post I did about her visit. The next day Me, Mason, B, B’s Dad and LJ went to lunch at Subway! It was Mason’s first time and he was a fan! 

LJ liked her sandwich too, she liked her chips better though lol. She also thinks Uncle B is pretty funny! 

She was making THE CUTEST face when she took a bite of her sandwich, like it was the best thing in the world lol

After Subway we went and played in the pool! Mason got a hold of the hose and loved spraying it on LJ! She loved it too! 

He tried doing it to himself too!

LJ and B had a good time too, she was trying to drown him here LOL

The next day we went to some nearby caverns! It was a lot of fun and so fun to see, I hadn’t been to a cavern since I was in the third grade! Apparently there are A TON around VA! Mason absolutely loved it, but I don’t think I’ll be going with him again until he’s older, too many drop offs! 

It gets really cold down there so I had to give LJ my sweater! 

LJ, Paw Paw and Mason in the caverns! 

They don’t let you do it anymore, but you used to be able to write on the walls! There were some pretty old signatures up there! 

The rest of my cavern pictures didn’t come out so great, It was way too dark and my camera isn’t that fabulous!

I can’t wait for us to spend more time with LJ! I want her and Mason to be really close like my cousins and I were! 

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