Is Grilling Season Really Almost Over?!

I’m so upset that it’s August already, when did that happen? It feels like just yesterday I was super excited for Summer to be starting and for the weather to be amazing. I had a list a mile long of things that I wanted to do which included A LOT of outdoor grilling recipes. And so far the only thing I’ve cooked on the grill was burgers, hot dogs (ew), chicken and zucchini. I better get on it if I want to try some of the amazing recipes I’ve stumbled upon that involve the grill! Oh and another random note about hot dogs…have you guys heard that they’re just as bad as having a cigarette?! I knew I didn’t like them for a reason!
Okay back to grilling. Have you seen some of the grills you can get? It’s absolutely insane. Some of them look like out door kitchens and I swear up and down that my future home will not be complete with out an amazing grill that I can make the future hubby slave over! I was checking out and actively drooling over grills. Well drooling over the things I can cook on an awesome grill.

This is what my dream grill will look like one day: 

This one is pretty nice too and not as big so probably more doable depending on where I live one day with the future hubby! 

And OMG, look at this one I found browsing the internet! That is QUITE the grill! 
Who’s backyard is even big enough to house a grill like that?! There are SO many CS grills though, many of which is much more reasonable like the portable electric ones like this: 

Isn’t that cute? Yes, I said a grill is cute! 


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