I’m a Cloth Diapering Mama BUT

When I’m not, I use disposable diapers, there are just times when disposable diapers are needed, like when I’ll be traveling for more than a week, or at the air port! I know I don’t want to bag check dirty diapers, and bless the poor soul who has to go through your wet bag ;). So when it’s needed I use disposable diapers! 

Whether I’m using disposable diapers or reusable diapers Mason seems to HATE diaper changing time! Ever since he was an itty bitty baby he would squirm all around and once he got older he would roll over and crawl away as fast as he could. Now he puts his hands in the mess and tries to run off, what a little stinker right? B and I used to call Mason the Hulk because he would pretty much break free from any hold we had on him in order to get out of doing something that he didn’t want to do!

I’ll never forget one of the first time I was changing Mason’s diaper, I wasn’t fast enough and he peed and it went straight up in the air came back down and landed in my hair and ALL over my phone! Another AWESOME time was when he pooped on me.

But I do have some things I do to try and help the process a long! Here are *my* tips and tricks! 

1. Tell them what’s going on in a calm voice. Whenever I change Mason’s diaper I tell him “Okay, Mama’s going to change your diaper now”. I pretty much walk him through the entire process to keep him still! 
2. Sometimes the talking doesn’t work so I play a game with him! I say “Where’s Mason’s bottom?!” and he usually points to it and then I say okay we’re going to change your bottom. He thinks it’s hilarious for some reason and it works almost every time! 
3. Stay calm. Sometimes when they’re wiggling around too much and they’re older it’s hard to stay calm and not get aggravated. Well I know it’s like that with me, please say I’m not the only one! Babies can sense our anxiety so if we stay calm they’ll stay calm. 
4. When all else fails, enlist the help of Dad, Boyfriend, Significant Other, or Friend. They’ll hold them down while you get to work and clean that bottom or my personal favorite: 
5. MAKE SOMEONE ELSE CHANGE THE DIAPER! Easier said than done, I know but a girl can dream right?

Truth be told I have to resort to number 4 on my list more often than I would like! My little man has been a wild one since the beginning so please, tell me: 

What are your tips and tricks for diaper time when you have a wiggle worm?!

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