Finally: BlogHer 11 Recap!

I talked about it in my BlogHer11 Swag post, BlogHer was a complete blur and I can’t believe it’s already over! One major regret from BlogHer is that I took NO pictures. This was the same regret I had at BlogHer10. Apparently the lesson was not learned. Hopefully for BlogHer12 I’ll stick to my “next year I’m going to take more pictures promise” we’ll see! 

So I arrived in San Diego at 10:30 in the morning where a friend of Jayme at The Tater Twins generously picked me and Allie from The Baby Birthing Mama up! Then I did a nice little tour of San Diego which started with breakfast lunch at a super yummy Mexican restaurant. We walked around a bit  

and went to Pinkberry’s for dessert. 

I got the caramel with chocolate crunch and toffee pieces. HOLY YUMMINESS. I am FOREVER grateful for being introduced to Pinkberry! 

Afterwards I was brought to see an AMAZING view and I instantly fell in love with San Diego. I would love to move there some day! The weather is incredible! After my mini tour I headed back to the hotel room to drop off my things and meet up with the girls since Mama B and Emily at Baby Dickey were going to be arriving at any second! We started off the evening by heading to The Huate Green Party hosted by Calley at The Eco Chic. That’s where we got to meet: 

Katie at Pickles and Paisleys and Nicole from Haute Single Mama and we got one of the only pictures of Emily, Becca, me and Allie:

The Swag was FANTASTIC! Look at all that fluff! Then we headed to yet another party where the focus was toys, we got some great goodies for the kids and then we headed to get something to eat at 

The food was decent. The menu and description was way better in case you were wondering. Afterwards we headed back to the hotel to drop off our stuff and then to the Clever Girls party were we finally got to meet Beth from Me As A Mommy. It was fun but we were all exhausted from our flights so we went back to the hotel room after a bit. Apparently we weren’t that tired though because we stayed up until 3am talking about anything and everything! We also spent some time setting up for our Swag Room were we handed out goodies from Shari Criso, Bamboobies, SimplisseClear Choice Stands, Topricin and Vera Bradley

Friday-August 5th 2011

This was the official Day 1 of BlogHer11 and we started it off by heading to breakfast, it was so  yummy and sponsored by Jimmy Dean! Bacon, Sausage and eggs for breakfast you can’t beat that! After breakfast we headed to the Expo Hall to meet with all the BlogHer 11 sponsors! P & G had one of the best set ups, mainly because I got this photo opp: 

Super hot right? After the Expo we headed back to the room to drop off our goodies then Becca and I ran to fed ex to pick up some boxes we had shipped to us from our sponsors! We went straight to lunch after where we got to see Veronica at CrunchyVTMommy and FINALLY the adorable CMoney! Becca and I didn’t stay long before we had to run off to our Swag Room! Shari Criso GENEROUSLY gave away an Ameda Purely Yours Breast Pump that the super lucky and oh so cute preggo One Mom Two Boys won! We were so excited for her! How awesome is it to win a pump while you’re pregnant!?

After our Swag Room was over we hung out for a bit, got ready and headed to the MomCentral Johnson & Johnson party which was hosted at the Edgewater Grill. The food (and drinks) were delicious! After that party we headed to  the Cheap Sally  party were they were serving some more yummy drinks (do you see where I’m going with this?). So I had some and got another fun photo! 

I was really enjoying these drinks. It’s been a LONG time since I’ve gone out and had some fun! After the Cheap Sally Party we headed to YOUPhoria were they were making these drinks called San Diego Sunsets (Vodka, Cranberry Juice and Orange Juice) and let me tell you they were way too good. I enjoyed them WAY too much. At first it wasn’t too bad and I actually managed to take a picture that didn’t look too awful: 

Shortly after this picture was taken I had one too many San Diego Sunsets. The cab ride home was fun I’m assuming from the pictures that were taken, The Hangover Style, thanks for that Becca ;). I briefly remember going back to the hotel, drinking some more at the bar and then passing out. Fun times at BlogHer that much I can assure you. To those that got to witness it I love you and appreciate you because while I may have ran into the balcony door at least I didn’t fall off of it! 

Saturday August 6th 2011

This day was much more relaxing. We spent the day hanging out, visiting the MomSelect Suite, the Expo hall and getting the see The Help, which I maintain was an AWESOME movie that I would see again in a heartbeat! While in the Expo hall I got to kiss Justin Bieber which made my sister super jealous! 

Emily, Becca and I also got to take a picture with Ruby from Ruby’s Studios! 

We ended the evening drawing winners for our Swag Suite and talking to all hours of the morning already dreaming about next year! 

Sunday morning I woke up, said good bye to Emily and Beth, hung out with Becca and Veronica and then explored San Diego! I had a BLAST doing that and got to go to In and Out Burger which was AWESOME! Seee look how excited I was:

I can’t WAIT to visit San Diego again and I can’t wait for BlogHer12 which will be in NEW YORK CITY! YAY for it being in my Home State. 

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