White and Black and Espresso Baby Cribs, OH MY

No, I don’t have anything to tell you. I’m NOT pregnant. But a couple of good friends are like Joanna at Baby Gator’s Den, Emily at Baby Dickey and MY AUNT! So even though I’m not pregnant I’ve had baby on the brain especially since I occasionally come down with a bad case of Baby Fever. 

When I first found out that my Aunt was pregnant we went to check some out at a local store. I really wanted her to take a look at the 4 in 1 cribs since they have so many uses. Mason’s current crib is a 4 in 1 crib. Unfortunately it’s 4 current functions are 

Looking Pretty
Clothes Storage
Climbing Apparatus 

Torture chamber {according to Mason}

I digress. There were so many different cribs to choose from, personally I loved the espresso baby cribs but I also like white cribs too. I’m an opposite kind of girl I either like light or dark, nothing in between. This is our current crib: 

In this picture it looks kind of in between LOL but it’s not. It’s pretty dark! We also looked at a couple of sleigh bed style convertible cribs like this DaVinici Kalani convertible baby crib

My Aunt isn’t due until October and I feel like I should just let her borrow my crib, it’s not like we use it anyway. BUT I want to use it. I need to use it. And because it’s convertible I can make it a toddler bed with or without a rail. Maybe then Mason would sleep in it. 

What kind of crib do you have for your child? What color did you go with? Does your child sleep in it every night? 

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