TV Stand Help, Por Favor?

When I was pregnant with M B bought a flat screen TV the week before the Super Bowl. His Saints were playing and he had a little TV and he couldn’t imagine watching the super bowl with out a HUGE flat screen TV, men right? 

After we got the flat screen we searched and searched for TV stands for flat screens. We came across a TON of stands but none that fit the size of our TV and the look that we wanted! We ended up settling for a cherry 32 inch TV stand which you can imagine doesn’t fit out 52 inch TV the way we’d like it too! 

Pretty soon we’re getting our walls repaired and repainted and with that we’d like to redo our living room to really maximize our space. Right now we have the TV right in front of our two windows which are ALWAYS covered with the blinds. Ideally I’d like to look at some corner TV stands and find one that fits with our living, our TV and our taste. I think by having it in the corner it will give us more space elsewhere and allow us to make the living room appear bigger. It’s rectangle shaped so maximizing space is really important!

I really like this one and it comes in a bunch of different colors, this one is the cherry! 

This is Vintage Mahogany, I think it would match our living room best!  
I like that this one doesn’t have doors but I don’t like the hardware!

I like the color of this one but that’s about it! 

Not only do I like the finish of this one but it also comes pre-assembled which pretty much means it’s awesome. The TV stand B and I currently have took us about 3 hours to put together! 

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