A Thrifting We Will Go

The other day B woke up to a text message from our neighbor letting him know that there was a gas grill at a garage sale for $35. B has a charcoal grill but he’s been on the lookout for a gas grill too. I’m always down for a good garage sale so we headed out. 

I was pretty much immediately in heaven because I knew there was some pretty good stuff to pick up! B ended up getting the gas grill {complete with propane tank and propane in it} and an L.L. Bean shade for just $50. It gets sold for about $100 and we got ours in a package deal for appx $15!

I also got some FANTASTIC Cooking/Baking Stuff! 

I got a Bromwell Sifter, a 1960s edition of The Joy of Cooking, a Robin Miller Cookbook, 2 [8] count mini-muffin pans, 1 [6] count muffin pan, 2 mini pie plates, a 1970s Cheese Platter,  a vase and Not Show: A Southern Living Christmas Decoration and Cookbook and a meat tenderizer for $15! 

Holy good deal. 

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  1. Shaky Mommy says

    You got lots of good stuff! I don't go to garage sales much but I was driving past one a few years ago and saw a Little Tikes Kitchen. I stopped and bought it for $5. It was in great condition! I had been looking at a similar one online that would have cost about $100 so I was pretty pleased!

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