Teen Mom Season 3: Episode 4 Recap and Thoughts

Even though Maci is living in Nashville she’s still going to be going to school in Chattanooga  Her parents think this is a bad idea because they think she’ll end up not going! They also aren’t too fond of her living with Kyle! After a couple of weeks of driving two hours back and forth to school she decides that she’s moving back to Chattanooga. Maci questions her decision to move back home when she sees Kyle and Bentley having a great time together but she also knows that it’s the right thing. Maci goes apartment hunting and finds a condo that she’s going to rent for $1000/month. Kyle ultimately quits his jobs and decides he’s going to live in Chattanooga with Maci! 

Catelynn and Tyler suggest to Butch that they go to counseling as a family, he agrees but they’re not sure if April will agree! They talk to April about it and she immediately rolls her eyes about it and never really says no or yes. Catelynn is still upset about it and calls her Mom on the phone to talk about it. Catelynn starts crying because she feels like her relationship with her Mom has been going down the drain since before she got pregnant. April tries to act like there’s nothing wrong at all and she doesn’t understand what Catelynn thinks the problem is. Catelynn suggests counseling again and April seems to agree to it to make Catelynn happy. They go to their first counseling session and start the long process to repairing their relationship. 

 Farrah visits a lawyer regarding Sophia’s paternal grandmother trying to get visitation rights and the lawyer seems optimistic that Farrah will win. She visits with Derrik’s Dad and stepmom to talk about Derrick’s Mom trying to get visitation. They seem to be on Farrah’s side. Despite the lawyer seeming to think they have no foundation to get visitation they still have to go to court because Derrik’s Mom refuses to give up. Farrah and her mom go to the court hearing and on the way over they get into a fight because Farrah is a major biatch as usual. But alls well that ends well, Derrik’s mother doesn’t get any visitation rights! 

Amber and Gary are broken up again and she’s staying with her friend at her old apartment. Leah is staying with Gary because “there’s no where for her to stay” with Amber at her place. CPS goes by Gary’s house looking for Amber. They hire a lawyer to help them with their talk with CPS and she gets nervous when she finds out that it got moved to the police station. It turns out that at least for now, she has nothing to worry about! 

Amber frustrates me so much but at the same time I feel really bad for her she obviously has some serious issues. She talks like Leah is her entire world but she certainly doesn’t act like it! 

I feel so badly for Catelynn, her mom is just not there for her the way that Catelynn needs her to be. Which is a recurring theme! 

It’s so cute that Kyle helps Maci with Bentley that way that he does. Helping with potty training is adorable. 

Every time I watch an episode I understand why Farrah’s Mom punched her in the face and how she probably deserved it. She’s so nasty. 

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  1. says

    My husband is addicted to this show, but I cannot stand it. I just get so frustrated with the decisions these people make. I think I have sat through maybe one episode and thought to myself how sad it was. My reality show obsession is Survivor. I cannot miss a show.

  2. Brittney Reader says

    I think Amber is a very bad example for her child. I used to like that show but it seems its getting to be more like Jersey Shore rather than actual parenting. Parenting is about being their for your child and not about being selfish. The only ones who did an unselfvis act were Catelynn and Tyler.

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