Teen Mom Season 3: Episode 3 Recap and Thoughts

Farrah–She’s the only TRULY single Mom on the show and sometimes I forget that. Luckily it seems like Derrik’s Dad is finally trying to be in Sophia’s life and him and his wife meet up with Farrah, Sophia and Farrah’s Mom at a local restaurant. They really seem like they want to make the effort and that’s awesome. Farrah gets a letter from Social Security which basically says that Derrik never acknowledged that Sophia was his so they can’t grant Sophia her Social Security. It seems that his mother is behind the current issue. She decides that she’s going to contact a lawyer to see what she can do. Derrik’s Mom decides that she wants visitation with Sophia but instead of addressing it with Farrah she tries to go through Farrah’s lawyer. Farrah gets served with visitation papers from Derrik’s mom. Farrah has her mother come over and they get into a fight, like always. 

Amber–They get back from the trip to visit her brother and come home to find that the police want to question both her and Gary. They’re freaking out about everything because they don’t know how they’re going to pay for a lawyer for Amber. Later Gary’s Mom calls saying that CPS came around her house looking for Gary. This makes Amber nervous because she’s afraid they’re going to take Leah from her! Because of this they decide that they need to hire a lawyer. In order to get to the lawyer’s office they had to take a cab because both of their licenses are suspended because they didn’t pay some tickets. The lawyer discusses with them that Amber can lose custodial rights and spend up to a year in jail. After getting back from the lawyer’s office they get into a fight because Amber claims that Gary doesn’t understand what it’s like for her to potentially lose Leah. She goes to her friend’s house to vent and her friend suggests that her and Gary finally call it quits.

Maci–Kyle moves in with Maci and Maci decides that because they’re living together it’s time that he meets Ryan, Kyle reluctantly agrees. Maci drops off Bentley in Chattanooga and sets up  time for Ryan and Kyle to meet. They briefly discuss Bentley’s 2nd Birthday party and Ryan says that he had planned on doing separate birthday parties which upsets Maci. Later Ryan’s Mom goes to talk to him about meeting Kyle and she think it’s a good idea and that it’s been a long time coming. When Maci goes to pick up Bentley from his weekend visit with Ryan she brings Kyle. Ryan and Kyle both handle themselves respectfully. They shake hands make the Bentley exchange and leave! Ryan seems sad that Bentley enjoys being with Kyle so much, it was kind of said to see. 

Catelynn–At the opening of the episode they begin their senior year of HS, neither one of them were able to graduate after having Carly. They also anticipate Butch getting out of jail. Catelynn’s mom April tries to say that she’s picking up Butch but Tyler tells her that she can’t because they have a no contact order. The morning Butch gets out of jail Tyler and his sister Amber go pick him up, it’s really emotional and Butch is so excited to be out after 8 months. Amber, Tyler’s sister is pregnant again which she tells Butch. They try to discuss with Butch that he shouldn’t see April until the no contact order has been dropped, Butch explains that that’s going to be really hard. Tyler brings Butch to go see Catelynn at their new place and Butch’s son/Catelynn’s brother. 

Okay so a couple of things. 

1) Amber is so concerned about losing her child that she immediately leaves the house and doesn’t spend any time with her? What? How does that even make any sense at all? 
2) As much as Ryan is a jerk sometimes I just wish that Maci and him would get back together. Which reminds me I saw something in a magazine this week saying that Maci called off her engagement to Kyle because she still has feelings for Kyle and blah blah blah. You can never believe those magazines although they were right about Leah and Corey’s divorce!
3) I feel really bad for Farrah, she’s the only one who’s a truly single parent and no one can really understand her situation. But she also needs a serious attitude adjustment! 

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