Teen Mom Season 3: Episode 2 Recap and Thoughts

Amber and Gary–The episode starts off with Amber and Gary getting approved to purchase a house! They also tell Gary’s Mom that they’re getting back together and she seems happy for them! As they’re moving into the new house Gary goes down to the basement and breaks the first step. Oh my. Amber can’t handle Leah and it’s really sad to see her reaction to her child. Amber, Gary and Leah head away for the weekend to visit with her brother, his wife and their children. It immediately becomes a fight in the car ride. Gary keeps telling Amber to stop cursing and she won’t and he threatens her saying that he’ll take Leah away from her. And she breaks up with him. Leah is in the background telling them to stop and shaking her head no. As soon as they get to the resort Amber goes to the front desk to try and get a flight back to Indiana. *note* she leaves Leah in the car for Gary to deal with. They end up staying for the weekend and working it out, just like they always do! 

Catelyn and Tyler–They’re searching for an apartment to move into and Tyler is according to Catelyn being really picky. I think he’s being smart by making sure they get the perfect place before they move in together! Tyler’s Mom is really upset about them moving in together so she tries to enlist Tyler’s sister into stopping them from moving in together. His Mom is blaming Catelyn even though she’s says she’s not. Just like Tyler’s Mom doesn’t have control over Tyler neither does Catelyn. It’s his choice whether it’s a good one or not! In the end they move in together, just like I knew they would. 

Farrah–Her new boobs are healing up nicely. Yay, for her. She’s hoping this will help her get back into modeling. She’s still going to culinary school which is good. While she’s getting ready to study for culinary school she get’s the call to do a modeling job. She goes to the modeling job and leaves Sophia with her mother. She struggles with missing Sophia while she’s working. 

Maci–The episode starts out with her discussing her numerous money problem which I find hard to believe for multiple reasons. Because of her money issues she feels like she has to move back home to Chattanooga, which bothers her because she doesn’t want to live with her parents and she’s afraid of the stress it will put on her relationship with Kyle.  Maci decides that she’s moving back to Chattanooga and when she breaks the news to Kyle he suggests they move in together, Maci is hesitant but Kyle decides it’s not and Maci gives in. Rather quickly I might add. Ryan is upset with her decision to move in with Kyle and so is her mother but she ultimately decides that it’s her choice. 

I’m so over them crying poor. Give me a break. Define Poor. I know they don’t get paid THAT much but Farrah not being able to afford a 2,000 boob job? Do I look like an idiot? I think that MTV makes it seem like they’re struggling because of all the criticism they’ve received about the show not portraying what it’s really like to be a Teen Mom. 

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