Teen Mom Season 3: Episode 1 Recap and Thoughts

YAY they’re finally back and I’m super excited. Too excited actually. 

We left off with Maci and Ryan dealing with custody issues and Maci moving to Nashville and Kyle and her breaking up. A week later they got back together and that’s where we pick up! Ryan hasn’t been paying child support and Maci feels bad because he may have to go to jail. Maci goes to drop off Ryan for Bentley’s visitation and she asks him about the child support and he says that it’s being taken out of his checks so he doesn’t know what’s going on. He then asks her “Is Kyle Slow”. Which made me LOL. Maci forwards the “Is Kyle slow?” text message to Kyle and he is really pissed. But Ryan is annoyed that they haven’t met each other yet since he’s so involved with Bentley. Turns out Ryan wasn’t lying about making payments. Her bank was the one that made the mistake! Maci tries to tell Kyle that he needs to meet Ryan, even though he doesn’t want too. 

Farrah–We left Farrah talking when she was meeting up with Derrik’s family and trying to get social security. She’s still trying to get the social security money. Also she wants a boob job. Farrah decides she’s absolutely going to go through with it and meets with a doctor. She decides she wants a “C that you can see”. {Side Note: She really does have itty bitty boobies}. She’s being really reasonable as far as the size. She decides that she needs to get a loan for the boobs and doesn’t get approved because she has no credit. But she finally does get approved YAY NEW BOOBIES! Her Mom expresses a lot of concern about the surgery. She says “you never know what’s going to happen” so she calls the family lawyer and wants Farrah to draft a will, just in case. Her Mom asks her if she’s going to make her Sophia’s guardian if she dies and Farrah pretty much says it’s none of your business but ultimately gives guardianship to her mother and then if her Mother is unable to care for Sophia, her grandmother! Farrah goes through with the surgery and her Dad goes to pick her up and they go back to Farrah’s parents house. Farrah is really hurting and crying and as usual being a brat to her Dad. 

Catelyn–We left Catelyn’s story with a visit to see Carly. Neither one of them ended up graduating on time. We see them again with someone trying to break into Catelynn’s house. Her Mom April calls the cops but Catelyn doesn’t feel safe and knows she has to get out of this neighborhood. April decides they need to move and Catelynn and Tyler decide it’s the perfect time to move out. Her friends immediately say “You need to get a job”. Catelyn and Tyler talk to Tyler’s Mom about moving in together and his Mom is very against them moving in together. 

Amber–We left Amber and Gary when they had broken up and she was living with someone else. We pick back up with Amber going to counseling. Gary calls her and asks her to go out to eat so they can talk about getting back together {she’s still with Chris}. She seems unsure of if they should get back together but she’s open to it! Amber goes to her cousin Krystal’s house because she wants to talk things through about getting back together with Gary. She wants to be with Gary because of the family thing but she also knows that Chris treats her the right way, Chris knows something is up and asks her if she plans on getting back together with Gary. Even though Amber hasn’t broken up with Chris yet they decide they want to go to a life coach together. After the visit with the Life Coach she decides that she wants to break up with Chris so she calls him and starts to tell him. He decides he needs to see her so she drives over to his house and tells him face to face that it’s over. 

It really annoys me that they’re talking about money like they’re seriously struggling. We know you make a crap ton {especially for a Teen Mom} between MTV and magazine pay checks so give me a break. 

When Ryan asked Maci if Kyle was slow I almost died. How mean {and hilarious}. 

I’m excited for the rest of this season even though I know most of what happens thanks to the magazines. I just recently saw that Maci and Kyle are engaged, I didn’t read the article though so I don’t know how true it is! 

What did you think of tonight’s episode?

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