River Fun

The other day it was SO SO hot. Personally I just wanted to sit in the house in the air conditioning but B thought we should go to the river and since I knew Mason would get a kick out of it that’s exactly what we did. We have the luxury of living right next to the George Washington National Park so we have so many gorgeous areas to visit and B knows of one spot where the river creates a pond and it’s pretty shallow so Mason can play in it! 

This is the river. The side that is more still is where the watering hole is….Check it out, it’s a gorgeous view! 

As soon as we got there Mason ran into the water and sat down. 

He is SO pale. Paler than me I’m pretty sure. He got his paleness and his eyes from my mother! 

He was also way into picking up rocks and throwing them into the water! 

I kid you not he was trying REALLY hard to pick up this rock! When it couldn’t it he moved on to ones that were big but not big enough to where he couldn’t pick them up!  

I love this next picture. I love how such a little thing like throwing a rock into water can make him SO happy! 

He was pretty cautious the whole time because when we first got there he went a little too deep, slipped on a rock and went under. B got to him before I did and he was perfectly fine but it freaked him out. But even being cautious he sometimes got a little daring, in the swallow end! 

He was busting a sag the whole time, luckily he was wearing his AppleCheeks Swim Diaper that we got to review! LOVE it. He needs the new blue ASAP! Seriously there should be NO reason to use disposable swim diapers! 

So that was our day at the river! Coming up soon I have pictures from our play date with Lacey in our backyard with the pool and our trip to the Grand Caverns! 

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