Random Tuesday Thoughts

It’s been a wacky couple of weeks and my brain is beyond scattered. I have so many ideas of what I want/need to do that it’s a little overwhelming. So I’m going to update you with some bullet points of the last several weeks. 

  • I’m sure you all have noticed a lot more food posts around here than what you’re used to. I’m an emotional eater and the last couple of weeks have been emotional to say the least. So I’ve been cooking and baking. 
  • Speaking of all the food it’s a miracle I haven’t gained 20lbs. I have gained about 3 leaving me at about 118 consistently for the last couple of weeks, which isn’t so bad but starting today I’m doing my 20 Second Fitness workouts again because it was really working! 
  • Saturday was my last shift at work except I didn’t even know it was going to be my last shift. It just sorta happened that way since we ran out of food. Even though I didn’t work there very long, I’m still sad. 
  • Not having a job again is something awful. I’m applied to a couple of places and am hoping something comes through. In the meantime I’ve been concentrating on building my blogs because sometimes my blogs are the only things I feel like I have control over.
  • BlogHer 11 is right around the corner and I’m scrambling to find a sponsor for my plane ticket. The recent job loss has made going without one nearly impossible which stinks because of the learning experiences and networking I would be missing out on, which could be great for building my blogs which could eventually mean me paying the bills with them. 
  • Mason keeps getting bigger and bigger and more demanding, it cracks me up to see his personality. He knows what he wants. 
  • I moved my Review/Giveaway blog over to WordPress. Have you checked it out? What do you think?
  • This blog right here is going to make the switch to WordPress one day soon too. I’m just trying to get my PR back up to were it needs to be on my .com
  • That reminds me. I bought my .com. While most of you are still accessing this blog from littlebgcg.blogspot.com if you go to littlebgcg.com you’ll find yourself in the exact same place. Have my button? Update with the .com por favor. 
  • I started a Facebook Group for Bloggers where we can all meet up, share ideas, learn and grow, it’s called “Bloggers With Benefits” and Baby Dickey and I have some pretty big plans for it! If you want an invite email me at littlebgcgreviews@gmail.com
  • Teen Mom Season 3 is on tonight and I’m pretty excited I’ll be writing a recap post tonight. Speaking of reality TV, Big Brother also started and I’m beyond excited. It’s pretty much my favorite show ever, I think I might even like it better than Teen Mom, blasphemy right?
  • Mason is going to be 18 Months on July 30th. How is this even possible? How do I {almost} have a 1 and a half year old? It doesn’t seem right. Time goes by way too fast.

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