Headboards Wouldn’t Slove Our Problems

But headboards would make our bed look prettier. 

So what’s our problem? In our room we have a queen size bed but it’s really old and uncomfortable. To top it off we have horrible shades and the room gets so bright in the morning. In the spare room we have my old full size bed from college, it is dangerously comfortable and the curtains in there pretty much black out the sunlight in the morning. So the obvious room/bed to sleep in is the one that is currently the spare room. But it’s a full sized bed and I can assure you a grown man, grown woman and a toddler who likes to stretch across the bed do not fit. So of course I have dreams of bigger {and prettier} possibly king sized bed.  

I’m not a huge fan of the leather headboards but I do like the storage the bed offers underneath.  B however likes the leather headboards and was searching leather queen size headboards the other day because we don’t even a headboard for either bed!  

In my dreams I’m doing a complete bedroom make over, everything from the bed we currently sleep on, the paint and decorations on the wall, the bedspread, and the bed itself. I really want an upholstered headboard. Something about them is so pretty. 

I really like these two: 

But I think I would want a bolder color. Something that really stands out, maybe yellow with a blue bed spread? 

Or maybe I’ll get all crafty with it and make a headboard out of an old door or window. Think I could pull it off? 

Do you have a headboard over your bed? What kind? Do you think it’s necessary?

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