Glass v Plastic. Easy Choice.

The first time I heard about BPA was when I saw plastic bottles excitingly promoting that they were BPA free. So of course I ran home and Googled BPA.And I didn’t like what I found. BPA was seeping into our foods that were being stored in non-BPA free plastics. 

That got me thinking. Do I want to use plastic at all? BPA might not be the problem anymore but what about in the future? Is it going to be BPA type problem after BPA type problem? 


Personally I’d rather not risk it and that’s why B and I have been making the switch to items that are stored in glass and that’s just not limited to our food storage. Which p.s. look for a review coming soon on Little BGCG and His Mama Review IT! that deals with glass storage containers. 

But it’s not just storage containers it’s the things we buy as well. We don’t buy soda so that’s never been an issue but when it comes to juice we try to buy things in cartons or glass. Peanut Butter is the only product I’m having a really difficult time avoiding plastic with, I can’t seem to find a peanut butter in a glass container. Any suggestions? 

Another great thing I love about using glass containers is that it’s reusable. There are so many things you can do with glass containers. We use a lot of our old glass containers that look very much like Mason Jars as drinking cups. I’ve also re-purposed some glass jars as pen holders and random holders, think ribbon, thumbtacks etc. 

This video echos the sentiments of how I feel when it comes to glass v plastic. 

What about you? Have you made the switch from plastic to glass?

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