A BlogHer Miracle!

Yesterday I was getting ready to sell my ticket to BlogHer when Mama B stopped me. 

Mama B: “Did you sell your ticket yet?!!?”
Me: I’m about too, what’s up?
Mama B: HOLD ON, just trust me

And that one conversation led to a partial sponsorship of me, Mama B and Baby Dickey by My Baby Experts. That should sound familiar to you because I’ve blogged about Shari and her My Baby Experts UStream Party before! Shari offers some AMAZING advice for expectant mothers and mothers in general so I’m so happy to be supporting her at BlogHer. 

With that being said we have a HUGE giveaway planned {HINT: iPAD2} so we would love it if you RSVP’d for the My Baby Experts UStream Party that’s coming up this Tuesday August 2nd. There you’ll see how awesome Shari’s advice is and how you can enter the giveaway as well. Can’t be there? That’s okay you’ll still get the chance to enter! 

So about BlogHer. I’m BEYOND excited about being able to go. As you could tell earlier I wasn’t expecting to go AT ALL so to have this opportunity come up is AMAZING and I’m forever grateful! 

With that being said there is SOOO much to do! And there is SO much I’m excited about! Like the fact that I’m showing off my brand new HP TouchPad provided to me by HP so that I can show it off to all my blogging buddies at BlogHer! I just got it today and I’m ridiculously in love with it. It’s everything I expected and more! I can’t wait for more people to jump on the HP bandwagon because it’s a good place to be! 

I’m also super excited about meeting so many of my bloggy friends like Baby Dickey, Mama B and CrunchyVTMommy! 

Oh and did I mention that I get to go to a pre-screening of The Help? Yea. Be jealous 😉 

The only thing I’m not so excited about? 

Leaving my Baby Boy. I’ve never left him for longer than 8 hours and this is going to be one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do. I’m tearing up just typing this because I can’t imagine four days without him. Not to mention it’s going to be quite the possible weaning experience for us both. I have a feeling my boobs are going to explode while at BlogHer and little man is going to miss his comfort aka me and my boobies. But to be honest it’s time. I’m ready for it. Just not sure if I’m ready for it rightthissecond since I wasn’t expecting it. But whatever is meant to be will be. I just have to cherish the rest of the breastfeeding relationship that we will have. All 6 days of it 😉 

It’s also a HUGE week for my parents because they’re doing something that I can’t really talk about just yet but I can assure you it’s amazing and awesome and HUGE! 

Okay so some things I have to do BEFORE BlogHer11 

1. Get my eyebrows done. You don’t want to see them now. *cringe* Okay I’m exaggerating but still! 
2. Borrow some clothes from my Fab cousin! 
3. PACK! 
4. Make my BlogHer Schedule 
5. Find someone to take me to the airport at 5:30 in the AM. Any takers?
6. Clean, Clean, Clean and do some laundry {and that’s before I leave for NY! in TWO days}

Okay so that doesn’t seem like a lot but I KNOW I’m missing something! 

So advice. What do I do about leaving Mason behind for four days? Should I take him with? For those who have been to conferences before, what should I take with me? 

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