While in NY Bucket List

So I’m only in NY for a week and then I’ll head back to VA and about 2 weeks after that I’ll be back in NY for something really really special that I can’t talk about right now!

Every time I’m here the time races by so I thought I’d make a little list of things I want to do while I’m here! 

6/23-6/30 NY Bucket List 

1. Get a REAL slice of pizza
2. Go to a REAL Deli and get a BEC with SPK {Bacon, Egg and Cheese with Salt, Pepper Ketchup}
3. Try the Dunkin Donuts Frozen Hot Chocolate {we don’t have any DD’s in VA}
4. Go the old restaurant I used to work at 
5. Meet up with my friend “Curb” 
6. Meet up with Allison from Being Allison 
7. Get an iced coffee from the local deli! 
8. See my Oma
9. Visit with/see my cousins {A, K, M, D, S}
10. Make a trip to Home Goods just for fun

That’s all for now! It’s not much but it’s something! 

Anyone else notice the food/drink trend? Apparently it’s allll about the food! I miss NY food!

What’s your favorite things to do when you visit your hometown or favorite vacation spot?

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