Mason’s 1st Haircut

We finally finally did, we got Mason is very first hair cut. As most of you know I was really concerned that once I cut off his curls they would be gone for good but I’m happy to report that is not the case, I’m pretty sure Mason Man has curly hair just like me 🙂 

Here’s some before pictures that we took at storytime. 

We had to wait a little at the Hair Corral, but Mason made friends with a nice old man who was cracking him up {you can see him in the background}!

Then before I knew it, it was time to say good bye to the long ringlets. 

He started getting a little fussy so we gave him a lollipop, another first! 

Notice how he made me hold it for him until I was like um excuse me Mr. I’m not your slave {even though I pretty much am!}

And before I knew it was all done. I will tell you that every time he cut it I wanted to tell him to stop or that he was cutting off too much, he didn’t but when I look at the before pictures I do miss the long ringlets, but it’s better this way, it’s not in his hair! 

He did so well for his first haircut. The only time he cried was when I took away the lollipop! 

Once I gave it back he was back to normal! 

I think he likes it too!

And now we can see his adorable face better! 

So what do you think? Miss the curls? Like the new hair cut? 

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