Mason Monday!

B plays on a softball team during the spring/summer and Mason and I try to make it to all of his games. Mason loves running around at the parks and I like watching B play softball reading my book. 

There were two little girls there who kept trying to help Mason and he was following them around the entire time! 

So funny story about those chips he was holding, I didn’t get them for him. They were given to him by a nice young guy who was watching the softball game. This unsuspecting young guy came and sat down semi-near us and Mason pretty much spotted the chips right away and immediately went over to him and sat next to him and was all “Hiiiii” “This” {while pointing at the chips}. It was so obvious that Mason was trying to butter him up to get some chips. I kept trying to re-direct him but he kept going back so finally I put him in his stroller and was all stay put! A couple of minutes later the guy left and on the way out he gave Mason the chips. 

Mason’s Mission?=Get Chips. 

Mission Accomplished!

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