Like Father, Like Son

For Father’s Day I ordered my cards from Tiny Prints super late but they still got here on time well 2/3 did which was really weird because I ordered two at the same time to be delivered to the same exact house but I got one on Saturday and one on Monday which was obviously the day after Father’s Day. It wasn’t a big deal just weird. 

Anyway I was searching for the perfect card to send to B and I found it. He may be little embarrassed that I share this on world wide web but since he never reads this thing and he’ll never find out so I figured I’d share. 

The card I ended up getting says “Like Father, Like Son” on it and you were able to post a picture on the cover so I put the one thing Mason undeniably got from his father: 

That’s right Mason got his cute as a button behind from his Daddy. It’s actually kinda strange how much they’re the same, B says it freaks him out because it’s like seeing his 17 month old self, from behind any way LOL! 

I even got little man to give him the card, pretty impressive right?

As for Father’s Day itself we didn’t do much out of the ordinary. B had a softball game so we went to that. That was a lot of fun I got hit in the shoulder with a foul ball. I was apparently too busy reading “Taste of Home”. It was really embarrassing! I pretended like it was no big deal and it didn’t hurt and just kept on reading but it did hurt. I was just grateful it didn’t hit Mason. Everyone yelled “Heads” which is dumb anyway because it makes you look up when really you should be ducking. So why don’t they yell DUCK!? Anyway by the time I realized the ball was coming in my vicinity it hit me. Stupid ball. 

After the softball game we went home and had “brunch” well really “dunch” {dinner and lunch combo DUH} . We had breakfast for dunch. Confused yet? You should be. I think I am. 

Either way that was our Father’s Day! How was your Father’s Day? What did you do?

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