16 & Pregnant: Taylor {Episode Thoughts & Recap}

Taylor and Nathan are from Ohio. They are both raised by their single Mothers. Taylor was FOURTEEN when she got pregnant. My sister is going to be 14 at the end of the month. I will KILL her if she even THINKS about doing anything like that. I digress. 

Taylor’s mother Debi got pregnant at 17 and gave her child up for adoption. Because of that Debi really wants Taylor to give their little girl up for adoption but Taylor and Nathan are very much against it! Nathan wants to be there for his daughter because his father wasn’t there for him. Nathan’s Mom is also against adoption! 

Taylor tells her Mother that she’s going to keep the baby and her Mother explains to her that she just doesn’t understand what it’s going to be like and that the burden is going to fall on her. But Taylor is adamant that she’s keeping her little girl. Her mother starts crying because she knows it’s going to be really hard for her! 

Taylor’s sister is a single Mom herself with 3 kids and she really wants Taylor to understand how her life is about to change. They talk about Taylor getting a job and she explains that she’s not old enough to get a job. Nathan still doesn’t have a job but says that he’s going too. But a couple weeks later Taylor is making more money watching her nieces and nephews than Nathan is since he still doesn’t have a job. It really worries and annoys Taylor that he doesn’t have one yet! 

They’re naming their little girl Aubri. 

hmmmm another visit to Once Upon a Child…I smell some sort of sponsorship. 

Taylor goes back to school shopping to try and find cute stuff to wear to school and her and her friend talk about what people are going to say when she goes back since a lot of people don’t know. She talks about how she may not be able to go back to school because she can’t afford daycare. 

Taylor, her Mom Debi, Nathan and Nathan’s mom all got together at to talk about child care while Taylor and Nathan are at school and it finally dawns on Taylor that she may not be able to go back to High School. She also questions why Nathan should get to go back if she can’t or why it can’t be reversed.

I think it’s hilarious that Taylor and Nathan go trick or treating for Halloween. It makes them seem childish, because they are but I also find it endearing. 

Taylor doesn’t go into labor on her own so her doctors decide to induce her with Pitocin. She pretty much sobs uncontrollably for the entire time and her mom comments “She’s just too young”. After about 13 hours they give her the epidural and she ends up delivering vaginally. The look on Nathan’s face is effing classic. Please pause and rewind to watch if possible lol. Everyone and their mother seemed to be in the delivery room with her!  Insanity. 

Nathan isn’t a big help to Taylor at all, it’s like he wants her to do everything. When it was his turn to take care of her so that Taylor could sleep he DEMANDED that she get the bottle ready for him so that all he had to do was pretty much give it to her when she started to cry. To top it off he still doesn’t have  job and Taylor is even more pissed off that Nathan gets to go to school while she has to stay at home. This causes them eventually come to a head and they get into a HUGE fight! The fight leads to Taylor’s Mom intervening and them fighting even more. The fight ends with Debi saying that this is why she thought they should give Aubri up for adoption they were just too young! 

Taylor gets real with Nathan and says that she doesn’t think they would be together anymore if it weren’t for Aubri. They talk about how they’re both stressed and how if they didn’t have Aubri they may still be good as a couple {although obviously a couple that wouldn’t last but duh that happens when you’re only 15/16}. Taylor says that if Nathan doesn’t step up and be a hands on Dad than she doesn’t see how their relationship is going to last. Taylor says she doesn’t regret Aubri but she regrets having Aubri so young. 

This is one of the youngest couples I’ve seen on 16 and Pregnant. They are both young and it shows especially in Nathan.  

I’m still in awe that Taylor got pregnant when she was 14 that just blows my mind. That is SO SO young! Like I mentioned earlier my little sister is going to be 14 at the end of the month and I couldn’t even imagine her being in this situation. What makes her so different than Taylor? Is it that she has both of my parents in her life? Maybe. Who knows. 

In case you were wondering if Taylor and Nathan were still together, they aren’t! You can check out Taylor’s Facebook page for more info, but it doesn’t give much! 

I think if they were to do another Teen Mom there’s a possibility they would be featured since they were so young! 

What did you think about the latest 16 and Pregnant episode?

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