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So if you guys haven’t noticed for my recent postings I’ve been cooking A LOT more than usual, or maybe not a lot more than usual but I’ve been trying different things more than usual. One thing I noticed that we’re really lacking on is cutting boards. I have these plastics ones that I got while in college, they’re great because they’re specifically marked with what they should be used for i.e. poultry, produce, beef and seafood BUT they’re plastic. I need something sturdier and something that’s going to last a long time. 

Of course that leads me to wooden cutting boards that I found on MoreKitchenCarts.com. They have phenomenal cutting boards that make the wannabe foodie/chef in me drool.

I love the this walnut cutting board {click the image to visit the product page}: 

And I love the thickness of this cutting board as well! 
I love that this one has “feet” 

MoreKitchenCarts.com also has, you guessed it Kitchen Carts! I’m in love with this one, it’s gorgeous! 

It was so easy to find exactly what I was using for using MoreKitchenCarts.com. I could easily search by brand, price, category features and finish. I narrowed what I wanted down to the three cutting boards I showed you earlier. 

Which cutting board do you like best?

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