Top 5 Wooden Toys

Recently I came across and let me tell you there are hours of fun in the world of wooden toys. Just ask Mason, he would know better than all of us! He LOVES his wooden toys! I love using this site, they have an awesome search feature where you can search by gender, age, category and brand. They also have everything from toys, toy storage and home decor. I could literally spend hours on this site…and I may have done just that…

While Mason has quite a few at home to choose from there are some wooden toys that are on my Top 5 Must Have em’ for my little man list. And here they are in no particular order: 

1. John Crane Kitchen Station. I love the color and I love the vintage feel to it. Actually on second thought, can this be *my* Kitchen?

2. Cleaning Set. Mason LOVES to “Sweep” really he’s just pushing the dirt around but it’s taken us forever to find a cleaning set that we really love and I think I just found it! 

3. Wooden Trike. There’s just something I love about this. Maybe it’s the old fashioned feel either way I would love for Mason to ride one of these! 

4. Double Sided Easel. I also want to encourage Mason’s creativity, as long as he’s not drawing on my walls without my permission. This would be perfect the perfect alternative to my walls!

5.  BigJigs Calendar Board. I love this and I think it’s perfect for as a learning tool!

What wooden toy is on your wish list for your little one?

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