Someone’s 90…

On Saturday B, Mason and I headed up to NOVA to attend B’s grandfather’s 90th birthday! His brother, SIL, and niece also came up from North Carolina so it was a really nice opportunity to get the family together! 

I had such a nice time here are some pictures! 

How cool is this cake? It was really yummy too! 

Grandpa Grigg blowing the candles out…

When he couldn’t do it he just put them out with his fingers lol

Grandpa Grigg with two of his brothers and Mase! 

Mason thought Uncle Joe was hilarious! Probably because he is! 

And he LOVES playing the hat game with his Great Grandpa! 

The Whole Fam!
Gigi and Mason {Great Grandma}

B with his mother and brothers! 

Happy Birthday Grandpa Grigg and many many more 🙂

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