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Easter was SO strange this year. 

This was the first Easter I didn’t spend with my parents and siblings making this sadly enough the *First* year EVER that I didn’t get an Easter Basket. I guess it’s about that time 😉 

Little man however DID get an Easter Basket! Check it out: 

Before Mason could check out what he got from the Easter Bunny we had to run off to church. It was my first time going to the church downtown. It was really nice, and I hope to go again soon but only if they have a nursery otherwise Mason can’t sit through church at all!

After church we went to a restaurant downtown. We had to wait a little and I snapped some cute pictures of M! 

I had a Monte Cristo Sandwich for brunch. It’s a turkey, bacon and swiss on French toast. SO good! Lunch was so fun. Good food, good company, what more can you ask for? 

After brunch we came home and we let Mason explore what he got! That cute little suitcase is from his Grammy, it used to be Bly’s. The blue bunny and chocolate is from Aunt D in NY! And his B’s grandma got Mason some clothes too. As always he was super spoiled! 

Then we went over to M’s Paw Paw were he got this super cute bunny and some bubbles! 

Then Mase decided he wanted to play water the plants! 

Then we let him play in the yard a bit, play on the John Deere {those pics to come later} and he tried out his water table that he got for Easter! 

And then we had dinner and I captured these super cute pictures of my little man! 

We had a really nice Easter! 

How was yours? Do anything special?

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