I never thought I would actually like camping and I really really did. The only thing I despised was peeing in the woods. gross. I want one of those portable toilet seats, like the kind Mason has? Although I guess that would be equally gross too. I digress. 

So um camping, yea it was a lot of fun and Mason LOVED it! I swear that boy was the happiest he’s ever been! The only problem we had was when he woke up and started SCREAMING and SCREAMING I think he woke up and was like “WHERE THE HECK AM I” and got scared. I felt so bad for him. I couldn’t calm him down so thank god for my Boba G2, I just put him in that and wore him for a bit! When he woke up in the morning though B said he lifted the tarp and Mason looked beyond happy that he woke up in the middle of the woods! 

Here are some pictures I took while we were there! 

The first thing B and our friend J did was set up the fire pit and get the fire going! 

Then we decided to take a walk down to the creek. Usually it’s dry but because of all the rain we’ve had it was pretty full! 

I tried to get a picture of Mason and I rocking my Boba G2. I didn’t do so well. 

Mason LOVED the water and it felt like ice. Crazy boy! 

We pretty much had to drag him out and his little toes and legs were beet red! 
Random shot I took after Mason ran away from me when I was changing! Look at that cute little butt, well look if you’re not a perv! 😉

Then it was time for lunch. How cool is our “stove”?

Once lunch was over we played corn hole. Mason made it super easy to do! 

Also it apparently exhausted him because he decided to take a rest in the middle of our game! 

Then we hung around the fire until bed time! 
and I may have stolen little mans seat and gotten a picture with him! 

The next morning we were up by 7am packed up camp and headed home to do breakfast since it was raining a bit. All in all I would do it again I just think 1 day trips are best right now with Mason. 

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