Flab to Fab Fridays: Week 13 with NutriSystem

Two Weeks Ago:  119.2
Last Week: 115.6
This Week: 116.0
Weight Change: +.4

When I got on the scale this morning I knew something might be off, I was going to be weighing myself almost a full two hours earlier than I usually do. So I would officially like to blame that for my .4 weight gain 😉 

But in all seriousness I’m totally ago with that weight gain. Yea it puts me 1lb away from my goal instead of .6 and yea when I weighed myself a couple of days ago I was 115.0 even BUT I know my body is going to fluctuate and that’s one of the reasons you’re suppose to weigh yourself at the same time every time you weigh yourself because it will be more accurate that way but I had my very *first* day of work today and I couldn’t weigh myself at work. That would have been weird, hey Mr. Manager do you mind if I just bring my scale with me and strip down in the bathroom and weigh myself at 9:30 on the dot? Who cares if there are tables to be sat. 

This new job could be both beneficial and harmful to my dieting options. Here’s my it could be beneficial:

1) More walking then I’m used to including walking up and down a huge flight of stairs multiple times during my shift
2) I won’t have the opportunity to snack unnecessarily like I sometimes tend to do at home. Although since I’ve gotten really good with not doing it this reason isn’t as big of a benefit as number 1! 

So how could it be harmful to my diet? 

I’m working at a restaurant. The food is phenomenal. While I’m training I get free meals and once I’m officially hosting I get half price food.  Which means I get said phenomenal food for an amazing price. It’s going to be beyond tempting to eat there whenever I work! 

I think I’ll be okay though because I want this so badly. And with Summer coming up it would be nice to continue this weight loss and push it for another 5-10lbs! 

Oh and I worked out more this week than I have in weeks passed. I walked to the library one day which ended up being an hour walk there and back and I did Pilates two days! I also went camping and hiked but I think the S’Mores ruined that work out 😉

How does your job, including being a SAHM affect your diet? 

Just so you know: NutriSystem provides my the NutriSystem meals, all opinions are 100% my own and weren’t influenced in any way, I wil always be honest with you, if you have any questions you can go ahead and ask me in the comments below! I will get back to you asap! Would you like to lose weight and get healthy on Nutrisystem too? Visit NutriSystem today or call 888-853-4689.

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