Camping Must-Haves

As you guys know I just went real life camping for the first time EVER! What’s real life camping? To me it’s setting up camp in the woods with no bathrooms/showers or human life other than your fellow campers in sight. I surprisingly had a really good time! 

But there were some things I wish we had/things I KNOW we wouldn’t have enjoyed ourselves without and I wanted to share those with you! 

First Up. A percolator. We didn’t have one and I totally wish we did. Next time we *need* one particular this one: 

We didn’t do much hiking this camping trip but we do occasionally and B LOVES his Kelty Carrier. Ours is a MUCH older version of this baby but it still works wonders! And one day we hope to upgrade to this baby: 

Just because you’re camping doesn’t mean you can’t be comfortable. Being comfortable at night means you;ll be more comfortable doing things the next morning! 
This is a Coleman Air Mattress and Pump Combo. We slept on something like this in B’s car and it made such a difference. If we had been in a tent it would have made an even bigger difference. Don’t go camping without it!

And if you have an air mattress you’re going to need this:

A pump. The one I mentioned above comes with a pump but not all of the other ones do, so if yours doesn’t make sure you have a pump!

Another thing you need is something good to cook your food! 

This is a Coleman Road Trip Grill in blue. For the record we used nothing like this and our food was delicious but this seems like it’s really nice too. If you want to do something more like we did B says that all you have to do is get a grill grate use rocks as stands and put the “coals” from the fire to cook the food. Check out my previous camping post to see what I mean! 

Okay so this next one kinda grosses me out and I’m not sure if I want/need it. But when I think about longer camping trips I think I want it. But B assures me I don’t lol.
It’s a flushable portable toilet by Coleman. Pretty fancy huh? 

If that toilets too fancy for your camping needs check out this one: 

It’s only $18 and it’s also space efficient! I might start using this portable camping toilet in my house 😉 

What is your must-have camping item? 

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