Bachelorette Bracket {Ashley}

UPDATE: I have a couple of people interested so here’s what we’ll do, fill out the bracket and post your filled out bracket on your blog, if you can link back to this post so we can get other people in on it too! Make sure you let me know where I can find the post! If you don’t have a blog email me your filled out form and I’ll post them all here so everyone can see were they stand etc. 

I found this super cute Bachlelrette Bracket here that you guys need to fill out ASAP before the next show! If enough people want to do it maybe we can do something fun, like put together a prize pack for whoever wins or maybe even if we put 5 bucks into it the winner will get all the money? I’m not sure yet, I would love to hear your thoughts! If you fill it out let me know and I’ll see how many people it is and we can work it out from there! 

***If you already watched the 1st episode, that’s fine! You just need to fill this out before the next episode airs!***

You can find the 1st episode of the season here

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